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Our fresh frozen, premium organic ground beef is available at our ranch store and at Kokua Market on Oahu.
We raise cattle and hunt wild Molokai axis deer as an integral part of our land preservation program. Our cattle roam across all certified organic grass pastures, and we practice careful field rotation to ensure good grazing practices— replicating natural herd movement. By moving the cows frequently, we give plants a chance to regrow, prevent erosion, and combat invasive weed species.

Axis deer, originating from India, were first introduced to Hawai‘i in the mid 1800s by King Kamehameha V. The first eight deer brought to Hawai‘i were placed on the island of Moloka‘i in 1868 and have since proliferated to numbers estimated to be as high as 30,000-50,000 across the island. A year-round surplus of forage, constant breeding, and lack of predators have created this population boom, resulting in severe problems with overgrazing, cliffside erosion, the disruption of vulnerable native watersheds, and damage to the coral reefs. Luckily for us, these wild, undomesticated axis deer are the tastiest venison on the planet. Due to the deer’s small stature and sweet Hawaiian feed, the lean meat is a luxury that is enjoyed locally on the island and by chefs worldwide. We work under strict harvesting and processing practices for these wild animals to provide a USDA inspected and certified product that is truly unique and sustainable while providing ecological benefit to the land.

Grass fed and grass finished, our USDA certified organic beef is a byproduct of careful pasture management and rotational grazing. We see our cattle as a way to help improve pasture health, and in return, we offer them unlimited grass forage and great ocean views. Our cattle continue to be grazed on biodynamically treated pastures and managed under strict biodynamic animal husbandry practices.

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